What do we have planned for 2018 at Skylark?

At Skylark, we don't like to be standing still. We want to be constantly evolving to ensure we keep you, our customers, intrigued and interested with every visit you make. In 2018 we plan to continue doing this as we have some projects to crack on with in the new year.

Furniture Warehouse

We plan to have a fully stocked and functional furniture warehouse up and running by the end of February. We feel this will be a great change as it gives us more room to stock a huge range of garden furniture and it then gives us more room for stock other great products. We will be stocking a large variety of furniture ranging from metal to rattan. Also we will be stocking more of each product as well, meaning you can walk away with your product on the day, or of course have it delivered using our free local delivery service.

Homeware Refit

Homeware has become a huge part of the garden centre here at Skylark, so we feel it needs a revamp. We are going to make our homeware corner so it matches the rest of the store. We had a refit over a year ago and it turned out great, so now it's time to finish. What does this mean for you? Well we will be able to fit more product onto shelves, meaning we can stock a larger variety of products, making it easy to pick up a present or find something you like. Also we will be able to display products easier, making it more visually pleasing to shop.

Café Skylark

Café Skylark

Visit our award winning café and sample our renowned Fenland Breakfast. Enjoy a huge range of food choices all made with locally sourced fresh ingredients.

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