Christmas Trees at Skylark

As usual, this year we have a stunning selection of Christmas trees to choose from. We have a whole range of sizes from 4ft all the way to 10ft all varying in prize. The majority of our trees are the Nordmann variety, which if watered correctly, the needles won't fall off creating a mess! We also have a small selection of Norway Spruce's if that's more your thing. We offer mainly cut Christmas trees but we do have a range of potted trees as well.

Don't have a saw at home to cut the bottom off? Don't worry, we can cut if off for you, just make sure you get your tree straight home and into water.

Tips to Success

Here's some quick top tips for looking after your Christmas tree!

- When you get home, cut off around 2inches from the bottom of your tree. This allows your tree to absorb water better, ensuring it stays healthy!
- Put your tree straight in water once cut and do not let the water bowl get empty. This is crucial to ensure that your tree doesn't drop needles, making a horrible mess.
- Try to position your tree away from any radiators and heat sources. If you have underfloor heating, try to keep it on the lowest setting you can as Christmas trees don't like underfloor heating!

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Café Skylark

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