COVID-19 Update

Posted on: 1st Apr 2020 by: Skylark

We are taking the spread of Coronavirus extremely seriously.


Our priority is the safety and well-being of our staff and customers.

We are trying our best to stay OPEN and have added extra delivery days to help as many people get in the garden as possible. Please be assured that we are staying well informed of the developing situation and will continue to follow all the advice and recommendations from the government.

If you do decide to pay us a visit, please..

  • Abide by the governments guidelines of keeping 2 metres apart from all other customers and staff.
  • Only touch products you intend to buy if possible
  • Paying with card is preferred, contactless especially. We have upped our contactless limit to £45!
  • Don't forget Apple Pay & Android Pay both have higher limits than normal contactless.



We are delivering more regularly for the forseeable future. We hope this will help all of our customers get the products they need without having to risk leaving the home, especially those at higher risk. 

To book a FREE local delivery call 01354 741212 or visit us in store. 



Hygiene has always been extremely important to us however, over the last week, we have introduced the following:

• Increased frequent hand washing for all our colleagues
• Increased cleaning in store particularly in those areas regularly touched by colleagues or customers

To help reduce the spread of the virus, we are following the latest government recommendations and asking any colleagues with a high temperature or continuous cough to self-isolate for fourteen days.


Opening Early

We are allowing customers of the age 70+ to shop from 8:30am, this allows them to still shop and get what they but in as safe of an environment as possible while it's not busy and crowded. We hope this helps put some customers at ease.

  • Open 7 days...
    Garden Centre

    9am to 6pm (Mon - Sat)
    10am to 4pm (Sunday)

    Café Skylark

    9am to 4pm (Mon - Sat)
    10am to 4pm - (Sunday)

  • Delivery Service!

    Don't forget we offer FREE local delivery. We do 7 miles for free, then £1 per mile after that. Minimum of £10 order. Please give us a call for a quote.

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